Ultimate Mr Fussy Toolbelt

Leather: Black Leather
Embroidery - Please Select: No Embroidery
Sale price$265.00 NZD


Mr Fussy Toolbelt

• Made from full grain Leather
• Wide 50mm leather belt for extra comfort
• Braces attached to help spread the weight between your hips and shoulders
• Stainless steel tape clip
• Gusseted front pocket to hold drill etc.
• 2 x inside pockets
• Long back side pocket left open for square
• Set of 3 pockets for ruler, chisel, pencil and punch
• 2 x leather hammer holders - Pop riveted on at pressure points riveted for extra strength
• Available in Black or Brown leather


Excellent for when working at a bench all day, to avoid wearing out your clothes, the Mr Fussy Toolbelt features UV Rated cotton and webbing for all-round weather adaptability.

BONUS FEATURE - You can specify your own FEATURE COLOUR leather from the drop-down menu.

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