Millenz Custom Toolbelts!


Millenz is a family business, which is owned and operated in NZ.  

We design and manufacture, what we believe to be some of the world's best top quality trade leather toolbelts.

John Millen, the founder of Millenz, was told back in the early 80's "That you just can't buy a descent toolbelt from the shops" by a neighbour. From there he made it his mission to make real builders toolbelts that worked! John started the business like every kiwi with very little or no capital, very few resources and a SHED.  He started by working with  tradesmen (spending days on end walking around building sites), to develop aprons which were not only practical and functional, but could stand up to the every day wear and tear of the construction industry. Nobody was safe from his PASSION, even his Son Glen, would have to spend hours riveting up aprons on the lounge floor while watching TV after school.  "You're not just going to sit there and do nothing" John would tell Glen.  Sue (John's wife) now currently runs the business, after John suffered a brain hemorrhage. Even the hemorrhage could not kill his passion or dream, which exists to this day.  Millenz custom make trade pouches for all industries and John's dream continues.

Please check out our products, which are "BUILT TO LAST" - John makes sure of that!

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