Heavy Duty Riggers Toolbelt

Size: Small
Sale price2 895 SEK


Heavy Duty Riggers Toolbelt

Our Heavy Duty Riggers Toolbelt has a massive range of features, including (but not limited to!) those listed below:

• A large bolt bag made out of heavy belt leather with 2 loops on each side of the gusset to hold wedges.
• A pocket on front that is velcroed closed to hold paperwork etc.
• 50 mm leather belt with double prong buckle to carry any extra weight
• 3 heavy duty Riggers frogs to hold plodgers
• 1 heavy duty Riggers hammer holder with a strap over the top to secure hammer with a dome
• 1 Tape cradle


Need your belt in time for a gift or event?
Leadtime for this product is normally 3 weeks, so please let us know if you need it within 3 weeks so we can plan and arrange your order accordingly.

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