Millenz Original Super Yankee Tool Belt - Left Hand

  • Millenz Original Super Yankee Tool Belt - Left Hand from Millenz ToolBelts
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Millenz SuperYankee Range
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  •  Full grain leather
  •  Wide leather belt for comfort
  •  Leather belt means no more webbing belts slipping or plastic buckles breaking. Easy to adjust when removing extra clothing; just move to the next hole.
  •  Large pockets for easy access even for the largest hands
  •  Separate pockets sliding on belt for comfortable wearing in any position
  •  With the apron on your side, you have freer movement to get around the site and up and down  the trusses unimpeded.
  •  With pouches to the side and on your hips the weight is more evenly spread and your legs take  the weight as apposed to an apron that is in front of you pulling you forward and giving you a  bad back.
  •  When the apron is worn on the hips, and you are crouching down you can put your hands  straight down your side
  •  Metal hammer holder available on this model means ease of getting your hammer in and out of  holder as opposed to the leather hammer holder which when worn can need the use of two  hands to    get it out, thus slowing you down
  •  Long pocket to hold square helps stop it twisting around and falling out
  •  Tape clip also doubles as Paslode gun holder
  •  When you put the ruler in the back pocket, chisel in the front pocket, it stops taking the numbers  off  the ruler
  •  Top pockets riveted down so that they don’t fly up and spill nails every time you lift your leg.
  •  Label to double as protection against new pencils breaking when slid behind label
  •  Screwdrivers can fit in between the main pockets poking out at the bottom avoiding putting  holes in your pouch
  •  Lots of pockets to hold almost every tool
  •  Back pockets are open so you can hang a crescent through them or even your doggy bar
  •  Leather bar attached to every apron so that you have the option of either hanging your cell  phone, tape or wire-ties from it.
  • 5 year warranty
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