Date Posted
14th Apr 2015

Reviews from Millenz FB Page

Paul Davie5 star Great aprons made with pride and true craftsmanship I've had mine 8 years I've even degressed it put cement on it and put in the wash on hot 4 times as I put to much oil on it and still going strongMarch 14, 2015 · 1 Review

Harley Ketani5 star I have had a millenz tool belt for near on 15years now and it's still going! Albeit with the odd hole here and there:)
... See MorMarch 10, 2015 · 4 Reviews

Colin Wilson5 star Kiwi ingen... injin... engen... cleverness at its best and only 1.2 ks down the road from my home! Awesome! Millenz Leather products - specialising in custom builders apronsLike · Comment · on Saturday · 6 Reviews

Corey Deed5 star

Rich Batchelor5 star

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