Date Posted
14th Apr 2015

Recent Customer Comments

Recent Customer Comments from our FB page

Awesome product... will definitely contact you as I have started a new job and need a new belt... biggest problem I've had is I have no bum! apparently it stops the belt from sliding down around your feet!... especially when you load up with extra stuff... I've tried using over the shoulder braces in conjunction with my belt, but they never last long... so I would love a custom made one! I've been searching for you for 20+ years... only to see you are approximately 500 mtrs down the road from where I live. Kiwi ingen... ingin... engin... cleverness at its best!


Awesome got my years ago?


Loved my old belt I got from you guys in puke but wasn't sure if you guys were Still around? Are you Still in puke? I'll be buying my next one if you are!


 William Van Schaijik I had a riggers one it was great. .. unfortunately it got stolen so I'm saving up for a new one!

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