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24th September 2015

Chris with the "Apron Man"

Chris called into the factory, as his apron of 20 years needed replacing. John and him had a great catch up about the old days.  Chris left all kitted up for the next 20 years
24th September 2015

Hihira - Modern Plumber

These two look like trouble - Hihira Wall and the Apron Man. Hihira is one of the modern plumbers who sees the benefit of having a specific toolbelt for his trade - We custom made him a plumbers toolbelt!
This is a photo of John and Sue Millen - John started this business from his home in the garage.  He was asked to make an apron for a neighbour and also for an Uncle who was in the Kiwifruit Business.  John also made a children's apron for our son, which of course was the beginning of lots of requests for our son's friends.
11th September 2015

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21st August 2015

Point of Difference

Just had a new customer come in, who asked me straight off "What is the difference between you and other toolbelts?" My answer was " that we care about you, and make sure that the toolbelt works for you." "That is the passion that drives Millenz" Consequently he left a very happy man after ordering his custom toolbelt! Love what we do! He had spent 5 hours researching us on the
Millenz Tiewire and Knipper holders made for a customer Products can be ordered separately Knipper holder has a heavy leather back
Plumbing Magazine Article May 2015 Here is the article launching the Millenz Ultimate Plumbers Tool Belt
Millenz Ultimate Plumber's Tool belt is featured in the NZ PLUMBERS magazine which has just come out this week - Will post article when I receive a copy of the book. First time that we have manufactured tool belts for Plumbers! We spent hours with Dan Pollard, who is a plumber who designed the tool belt and we had the priviledge of making exactly what he wanted. What Dan says in the a
28th April 2015


We are thankful to those men and women who served our country.  Without their sacrifices we wouldn't have the life we have today.  Personally we have family who served in the war and paid a very high price.  Now we are blessed with being given a special day off on their behalf.  LEST WE FORGET - we will never forget!
14th April 2015

Recent Customer Comments

Recent Customer Comments from our FB page Awesome product... will definitely contact you as I have started a new job and need a new belt... biggest problem I've had is I have no bum! apparently it stops the belt from sliding down around your feet!... especially when you load up with extra stuff... I've tried using over the shoulder braces in conjunction with my belt, but they never last long.
Paul Davie — 5 star  Great aprons made with pride and true craftsmanship I've had mine 8 years I've even degressed it put cement on it and put in the wash on hot 4 times as I put to much oil on it and still going strong March 14, 2015 · 1 Review Harley Ketani — 5 star  I have had a millenz tool belt for near on 15years now and it's still going! Albe
11th April 2015


This website is still being worked on - check out for other products 
This photo gives our suggestions for getting the best possible benefits from the Super Yankee or Yankee Tool Belts.  The Yankee Tool Belt is the same as the Super Yankee except we have reduced each side by 25mm for the smaller waists. Our apologies for the dark photo!
10th April 2015

Customer Comment

Loved my old belt I got from you guys in puke but wasn't sure if you guys were Still around? Are you Still in puke? I'll be buying my next one if you are!   Hayden Hooper Millenz loves having happy customers!  Thanks for your comment on Facebook Hayden!
31st March 2015


Millenz now stock quality leather Dress Belts 
31st March 2015

Family Affair

"THE APRON MAN" with Dave and his family after they were all kitted out with new toolbelts and chisel roll. (Note: Mum is wearing son's new toolbelt. Dad also has a new toolbelt on and got himself a new chisel roll)
31st March 2015

Friendly Millenz Team

Martin and Sandy off home for the day, after a great day's work! We are very fortunate to have such wonderul people working at Millenz. They are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers! The team at Millenz help to look after each other and contribute to their community.
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