EX FACTORY SAMPLE - Black RH Normal Electricians Toolbelt ( White stitching )

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This Right handed electricians Normal toolbelt is a Sample we made up to trial how the white cotton would look against the black leather

We have also added a tape clip high up on the belt loop and moved the insulation tape holder to be in the front of the toolbelt for easier access. 

There is nothing wrong with this toolbelt and is a fantastic deal for someone looking to purchase a one-off sample electrical tool belt.

Normal Electrical Toolbelt

• Made from NZ Full grain Leather
• Riveted for extra strength
• Leather hammer holder
• Chain for insulation tape
• Plenty of pockets and loops to hold all of your pliers and screwdrivers


 NOTE: Does not come with a belt and is in AS IS WHERE IS Condition

Available for immediate pick up or dispatch. 

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