Millenz Deluxe Childrens Toolbelt

  • Millenz Deluxe Childrens Toolbelt from Millenz ToolBelts
  • Millenz Deluxe Childrens Toolbelt from Millenz ToolBelts
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Childrens Toolbelts
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  •  Made from full grain leather
  •  Would fit up to a 10 year old
  •  Stainless steel tape clip
  •  Large pockets for hands
  •  Leather hammer holder
  •  Available as a Left or Right handed apron

NAME EMBROIDERY is an extra $15, no matter what the size is. When an apron is ordered with the Embroidery, our team will contact you to find out what name you would like on it.

Bright colour webbing is available in: Red, Blue, Yellow or Green

This is a very workable apron that has been made with the 'real stuff'! It isn't a 'cheap' apron but has been made to the highest standards. If you are a builder, this would be perfect for a child, who wants to be just like you!

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