About Us

We are a medium company in New Zealand, who pride themselves in manufacturing top quality trade pouches.  There are many toolbelts on the market, but very few that are truly functional for the user.  Twenty years of research has gone into our products, to come up with our designs.  Due to talking to lots of trades people, we were made aware of the problems experienced with other toolbelts.  Therefore it has been our goal to counteract as many as possible of these problems.  Also we custom make to suit your individual requirements - we are not all made the same.  Each one of us is unique and that is reflected in our toolbelts.  Over the years we have done 100's if not 1000's of different designs.


Designing and building a superior product for the trade - Simon Adamson, using Millenz Aprons for over 10 years

Large pockets, plenty of smaller pockets to hold small hand tools - awesome all round aprons. Keep it up Karl Ngatai

They last. Good shape/design, durability. A great buy and a valuable tool - reliable - George Dale, using Millenz Aprons since 1970

Don't fall to pieces - very comfortable - Ian Townley, using Millenz Aprons for over 20 years

I tried the rest, now I use the best. Simple as that - Gary Harrision, using Millenz Aprons for 20 years                                                                                                                                          

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